Being fabulous by her own standards is a necessity for every Brandista, not just on the streets, but in the office too. Enjoy strolling through the office with an extra dose of confidence accompanied by trends that will  have you looking and feeling fantabulous. What in years past could’ve likely earned you a fashion police citation, this season could propel you to the best dress list.

Brandistas, mixing textures nor wearing white after Labor Day are no longer criminal! While wearing white is a ‘to do,’ adding a pop of black offers a sleek contrast. Black and white contrast was a big trend during the fall shows, and we’ve seen its influence on everyone from A- list celebrities to doggie wear.

While staying true to your authentic style, why not re-define the role of leather in the office? Allow leather to play a starring role in your wardrobe as it boldly make fashion statements in offices across most industries. That is right, a soft- feminine, tailored or blazer cut leather jacket is not only office appropriate, but professional and can offer a little excitement to a more traditional office look.



We can’t get enough of winter white and  form fitted knit dresses, accented with figure flattering, color blocking is a must-have. The look is great for brandistas of all shapes, they are exceptionally lengthening and flattering to the figure.  This look effortlessly transitions  from day well into the night. Pair this style dress with a classic heel or knee high boots in the day, add a pop of color using a bright colored cardigan and voila- you have yourself a chic office look. Transition her into the evening; armed with sexy heels, a cute clutch, a tad of bling jewelry and a healthy dose of self-confidence there are no limits to the after work fun you could find yourself engaged in!

Add your own flavor and enjoy making it your own. For similar looks visit,,, and

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