Believe You Can & You Will

Belief is a superpower. I wish I had fully embraced and tapped into the power of belief much earlier. Still, I’m so grateful I’m on a journey of intentionally learning to trust in my higher power, my self, the vision, and the dreams I have for my life have truly transformed me.

I’ve learned that when I have an unwavering belief in something, it does not matter if it will happen. Instead, I acknowledge that I’m in the heart of the creative process, so at that point, it’s about when it will happen and how it will unfold.

Listen…I’ve undergone more changes in the last two years than I care to share. Through them all: from the highest of high, to the rock bottom of lows, belief proved itself to me in an undeniable way. Oh, and let’s keep it accurate. Belief is not judgemental. Whatever you believe is what you’ll create and attract.

And most times, when you’re going through the challenging and shitty times, it’s not easy to believe in butterflies and rainbows, but it’s so worth it, and here’s why.

Positive Belief Makes Us Happier, Fitter And More Resilient

Yes, ma’am, here’s the deal. Our minds and bodies respond to what we believe in our minds and feel in our hearts. Good, positive, and helpful thoughts trigger hormones that respond in good and positive ways throughout our nervous and cardiovascular systems. And, unfortunately, the fearful and bad ones can manifest through anxiety, depression, and diseases.

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing more peaceful than feeling well and balanced within our bodies. And if you’re like me, it doesn’t come naturally. To get this body and mind of mine balanced and working together in harmony, I have to work out several times a week, stay mindful of what I eat, do yoga, meditate, and most importantly, police these crazy a$s thoughts that try to haunt me.

We all have those lower-level thoughts of self-doubt that will wreak havoc on our whole life if we allow them to. And, we may never silence them forever, but we can manage them. And to habitually choose the more positive and supportive thoughts, we’ve got to stay on our mental game. How?

The Magic Of Self-Compassion

Too often, we look to others for love without fully loving ourselves. Too often, we give love without fully loving ourselves. I’m all for love in every facet of its glory. Still, I’m an advocate for prioritizing self-love because you can only authentically and unconditionally give the love that you already have inside of you.

Through self-compassion, we can learn to give unconditional love and value to ourselves. Think about the love you give to your partner, children, or parents. Do you provide that same depth of love to yourself? Easier said than done, trust me, but self-compassion is where the rubber meets the road on the journey through any form of self-transformation.

It’s no secret that it’s easier to accomplish any personal goal when treating yourself with kindness, attentiveness, and encouragement. But for many of us accustomed to tough love, it takes courage and consistency to change how we approach ourselves, as well as the love and compassion we can both give and receive for ourselves.

Challenge Time

I have a challenge for you. I challenge both myself and you to practice more self-compassion. I want us to be more aware and in tune with our feelings, including our suffering. And, decide to commit to addressing those feelings and alleviating that suffering aggressively. LOL, I know – it sounds so simple. IT’S NOT – but it’s imperative.

I’m not sure why something that’s just a matter of behavior change is so difficult when the result is so beneficial for us, but it’s a part of what makes us human. We’re not perfect. Actually, according to modern psychology, humans are deeply rooted in and like to loop old shit.

Our brains are designed to protect us (even if it’s from ourselves – exactly), and our bodies are wired to respond to however the brain directs it. So, it all begins with our thoughts. Then our beliefs are based on what triggers the release of hormones, and those hormones run how we feel, and the cycle continues.

To adopt beliefs that support who we are and our journey through becoming everything we want for our lives, now is the time to choose better thoughts. And a start to doing that is by doubling down on self-compassion.

Choose Love, Kindness & Patience

Not only is it okay, but it’s mandatory to prioritize your needs over others. Unfortunately, when faced with hostile emotions such as the shame, embarrassment, and distress that comes from argument’s, it’s our natural tendency to self-judge and often attack ourselves. That is not cool, nor healthy, but it is normalized.

To overcome that, we’ve got to learn to self-soothe, and honestly, food, new clothes, or a man won’t do.

Choose not to fixate or obsess over what’s wrong. Instead, write how you feel and what caused the discomfort or suffering. Acknowledge exactly how you feel and where you feel it most in your body. Then, begin to breathe deeply and nurture yourself a bit. From a place of compassion, continue to write to yourself. In your love note, remind yourself that whatever you’re going through is just a moment or is only one experience.

Admit you’re not the first person, and you won’t be the last to experience this. Address your part in making the situation uncomfortable and write out the lesson if it’s been revealed. Don’t know what to say? What would you say to your partner, child, parents, or BFF had it happened to them?

How would you treat them? How would you want to make them feel? Extend that same level of love, kindness, and patience to yourself. Then call on God and your higher power for complete healing and understanding. Rinse & repeat, forever and eva!


Courtney Racquel Rhodes aka @TheBrandista

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