Five Benefits Of A Sweaty Workout

We’ve all heard the axiom, “Good things come to those who wait”, as we’ve been taught or even hammered on the necessity and benefits of cultivating patience. But what about this one? “Good things come to those who sweat.” Sweat? Yes I know, sweat. And if you’vee been active long enough to consistently get through a tough, sweaty workout session, you already know the truth of this simple reality.

Good things really are born from the sweaty brows, drenched hair, and gasps for oxygen that so many of us can become frustrated with. But, to get us focused, hopefully for once and all (LOL), ok sounds good, let’s break down the “good” of sweat, it’s truly a big key to keeping our bodies refreshed and healthy.

S- [Skin] Our skin, our largest organ cleanses our body by eliminating toxins through sweating. In fact, if we don’t sweat on a regular basis, it can not only prevent multiple toxins and impurities from being released from our bodies but it can cause breakouts and other skin contagions.

W- [Weight Loss] The weight we lose during sweating is essentially water weight, sweating is a clear indication that our body is burning calories during a workout. The key to losing weight effectively is sweating as often as we can while also, taking in nutrient-dense foods that’ll keep our metabolism moving.

E- [Endorphins] Sweating relieves stress in our bodies through intensifying endorphins as we sweat which and helps provide us with that relaxing calm we feel doing the cooldown.

A- [Ailments] When we’re feeling ill, oftentimes it’ll benefit us to push through our workout in spite of since sweating aids our body in tackling sickness. In fact, fever is part of our body’s way of trying to tackle sickness by helping us sweat it out.

T- [Temperature] Although we often feel overheated during its uncomfortable process, sweating is incredibly effective in lowering our body temperature and helping our internal organs to stay cool. If we rarely sweat, we may be dehydrated or carry a rather high body temperature which can ultimately lead to heat stroke or exhaustion.

Good things come to those who S.W.E.A.T., so let’s get it in!

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