A Must Have Two In One Concealer

You know the story, its cold in the mornings, your bed is warm and cozy- and your alarm is blaring! Praying you’re only dreaming- it can’t be time to wake up just yet, you hit the snooze button up until thirty minutes before you need to hop in Uber. I’m more likely than not to find myself pressed for time.  I’m talking often, so with my schedule these days,  I’m all about two-in-one beauty products that spare me as much time as possible. With that, I’ve found myself simplifying my daily beauty routine. Having learned years, ok- perhaps decades ago, the absolute secret to feeling great is looking great! RIGHT!  For me, looking good begins with my skin looking vibrant and feeling hydrated.  Great hydration within our skin does several things. First, it helps the toxins and congestion have access to the necessary fluids to effectively release them. Secondly, when fed with proper moisture, skin cells can produce the necessary fibers to support and nourish itself.

While I’m committed to taking the proper steps to keep my skin looking and feeling its best (which vastly differs from week to week), I’ve learned to appreciate the value of less is more. So, I’m all about the beauty trend of dual-purpose tools that double my beauty pleasure while cutting time.

My favorite is a product, does great when I want to camouflage under eye darkness and the scars on the right side of my face, the Creamy Concealer Kit by Bobbi Brown. The kit includes a creamy concealer + yellowish tone powder duo. It works like a charm when I’m exhausted and bags want to show out (how dare they?), or veins want to peep through under my eyes. Luckily, I’ve found a rather simple fix that works like a charm. On those days, I  opt for a heavier application which blends well to neutralize and cover the purple hue of my under-eye veins. What I’ve also found helpful about this duo after applying the creamy concealer you can disguise that shiny aspect with the finishing powder that comes with the kit. On top of both its precise functionality and cool packaging, the concealer is made from ingredients that provide an extra dose of under eye hydration. In favor of saving time and minimalism, this is a keeper.

Product Detail:

Concealer: Creamy Kit by Bobbi Brown (I use Honey in the Winter + Warm Honey during the summer) 

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