Should You Add Protein To Your Natural Hair?

A dull day with natural hair doesn’t exist. Ringlets, curls, waves, kinks, and coils, your girl has it all. I’ve been completely natural for over a decade now, and I’m not too shame to admit this.  I’m still learning the nuances of caring for my natural hair, cause she’s got a funny personality and a mind all her own.

Until recently, each new season welcomed new hair challenges. Until recently, the big hair challenge for me was how to figure out should I add protein to my natural hair? And if so, what type of hair protein does she want now and how much m’ am?

Season by season, it was a guessing game at best. One that sure seems more of art than science on this head. Cause when the weather drastically changes or if I’m traveling through different climates,  these natural hair coils do what they want. And until recently,  8 times out of 10 it was complete unpredictability.

My Natural Hair Revelation

Then I had a defining natural hair moment! What do you know about those? My fine, mostly porous and fairly tight natural curls craved more protein. But, the intricacies of figuring out the right mix of protein-infused products as a good foundation for our natural hair can be a job in itself. If your curls are new weather, altitude or humidity defiant prone like mine, it’s time to get your product foundation ‘in formation,’ and slay through figuring out your best protein moisture balance in time for fall.

You know the drill, not enough moisture and your natural hair is dry, lackluster, and dull.  On the other hand, too much and your tresses drop flat with no apologies.

Then there’s protein. Oh-protein. Who knew there are over nine different types of hair protein on the market? Not me, but I’ve discovered my natural curls react differently to each one.

The Moisture Protein Challenge

My natural hair, like most naturals, are high-maintenance when it comes to just the right moisture balance protein.  It fluates from season to seas and coast to coast. But, figuring out that balance has been game-changing for my hair’s temperament.

Let’s keep this in perspective, it’s still fussy and cranky af! But she’s way more tolerable and loveable when I get her moisture versus protein game on point.

Here’s the latest natural hair tip that I’ve learned that’s beyond helpful.  To loosely gauge if your hair needs more protein, more moisture or if you’re balance is on point, try this. Gather an inch or two of your freshly shampooed strands in your hand. Gently stretch your coils, if it resists stretching, or God forbids, breaks, it needs an infusion of moisture asap.

Alternatively, smoother it in some protein love if it stretches completely, or feels limp en route to lifeless.  For the girls I envy, your coils will politely return to its regular length after doing a perfectly elastic stretch.

My hair thrives on a monthly dose of protein, with deep conditioning treatments weekly. Why? Keratin and collagen, two prominent proteins, that make our strands resilient sometimes need help.

When that happens, play with infusing different types of proteins to see which one was heaven-sent for you.  There’s nothing quite like the strength and I shine I enjoy after a fabulous protein concoction.

The next time your strands thirst for protein, ask yourself, ‘Does my natural hair need protein’? If you reply with a three-letter answer, give these babes a try and thank me later.

Three Proteins To Give A Try

If you’re like me, you’ve got to keep feeding those natural tresses protein so here are three of my favorites.

Keratin Protein: Does a fabulous job smoothing the natural hair cuticle and reducing frizz as it strengthens the hair shaft. An excellent keratin protein treatment leaves your hair cuticles flat and thus -so shiny. I love Kerastase Masque Force Architecte Hair Mask.

Hydrolyzed Silk Protein: Hydrolyzed Silk Protein comes fro silk, a sturdy natural fiber, and it forms a crystalline protective barrier around your strand.  The result, more elasticity, strength, and shine. My all-time Biosilk Therapy Treatment.  

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: This is a two for one; it’ll work overtime to increase volume and your hair’s natural ability to retain moisture. Plus, it helps reduce your hair’s porosity and leaves it’s silky smooth and lush. I shampoo  Kiel’s Rice And Wheat Volumizing Shampoo and follow up with one of the above conditioners.

Have you fallen head over heels for a particular protein, I’d love to give it a try. Drop me a note in the comment and share the love.



Courtney aka TheBrandista


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