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Healthy, glowing skin is my favorite accessory to rock. Just like everything else, keeping it happy at my age requires diligence. My skin is sensitive and doesn’t vibe with harsh or heavy chemicals. Over the last few weeks, as we’ve transitioned into cooler less humid weather, I began noticing more dryness and flaking.

I doubled down on my organic beauty regime game, dust off a fave DIY, and went knee-deep on my natural beauty game.   

Change Of Season & Routine

I’m blaming the change in season as the catalyst to the unwelcome chain reaction within my skin that demanded immediate attention. It forced me to double my daily water intake and revisit a gentle but tried-and-true DIY face wash that has earned its keep with me.

My skin tends to toggle between normal and combination but has a personality all her own with hormonal and seasonal changes. Who can relate?

As soon as I noticed my skin looking and feeling moisture-deprived, actually ashy, I began nursing her back to glowing health. Cause your girl needs that natural radiance and shine in her life.

Time Out For My Dermalogica Cleanser

To nurse my cranky skin back to health, I placed my Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser (which I normally love) in time out. My cleanser may have added to the extra dryness I’m experiencing, or, it may be fully- weather-induced. I’m not certain. What do I know for sure?

I yearn for my luminous skin to return so I can create the dewy looks I love before my birthday rolls around.

With a few trials and just as many errors, I’ve found the best natural cleanser for skin. The “Honey Cleansing” method with a few drops of coconut oil has earned its keep as my favorite go-to natural face wash.

For as long as I can remember, women in my family used honey as a versatile and powerful beauty ingredient. Among so many other things, it’s a non-harsh way to remove impurities from our skin without stripping it of natural oils.

Honey is both antibacterial and probiotic. It aids in reducing and preventing breakouts; and works wonderfully on my sensitive skin.

Experiment To Find Your Perfect Mix

Hanging out at home over the last two days, I’ve experimented with slightly different versions of my honey cleanse. I tried several but my basic cleanse with a few drops of coconut oil added won out. Both mixes with and without honey leave my skin super soft with a really SWEET (literally + figuratively) natural glow.

I’ve read, ‘Honey Cleansing’ is most effective with raw (unpasteurized or unfiltered) honey, so I’ve been using Manuka Honey, and I love it! I highly recommend going for raw honey and not overly processed ones.  If you’re willing to splurge a bit, I highly recommend Manuka Honey.  It provides the most healing and antibacterial benefits of all honey and it’s effective for calming basic skin flare-ups.

I use my Manuka Honey & Coconut Oil cleanser the same way I use my regular cleanser. All you’ll need to do is wash your hands. Then splash your face with room temperature water. Once it’s moist, gently massage a thin layer of your raw honey into your skin.  Massage it into your face enough to get the blood excited and flowing well. Once you do that, rinse it off with cool water (close those pores).

Here’s a caveat, the honey is super sticky and it’s not as effective as makeup removal. I recommend using the cleanser on a make-up-free face but if you’re going to use the cleanser with makeup on, there’s more to do. 

To Oil Or Not

Fractionated coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides whose fatty acids undergo a different metabolic process that makes the oil easy for the skin to process. My skin loves fractionated coconut oil, but it’s not for everyone. If it’s not your thing, opt for another light carrier oil of your choice.

Either way, coconut or another oil, apply a few drops of the oil directly to your face before doing your cleanse. Once you use the oil to remove your makeup, mix an additional three-four drop into the honey.  

I can’t wait for you to give this organic and refreshing DIY cleanser a try. Please make it your own and let me know your thoughts. I love how my signature DIY Manuka Honey Cleanser leaves my skin feeling, smelling, and looking. It’s a change of weather keeper- and one of my favorite skincare secrets!

Shhhh, don’t go telling everyone.


Courtney Racquel Rhodes aka The Brandista ❤️

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