Perfect Messy High Bun

Three Tips TO A Great Messy Topknot

Red lips, a tinge of mascara, tamed brows, a messy top knot, and fifteen minutes later, this brandista is ready to roll. I started rocking a messy bun over twenty years ago. It took little time for it to earn its way as one of my favorite go-to hairstyles.

Whether I’m headed to a long day at the office, happy hour with the girls, or an intimate dinner with my love, the messy bun is my no-fuss go-to.

Perfecting The Messy Bun

Although I’ve perfected the messy bun in ten minutes flat, it wasn’t always so easy for me to achieve the perfectly unpolished look. Here’s the deal, no two knots are the same! A hundred tries will yield you 100 different buns.

Never knowing exactly what I’m going to get is sometimes challenging for a Capricorn. I jump at the opportunity to spend less time on my hair. Especially for a look, I’m going to love.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if the messy bun is passe, think no more.

The runways from New York to Paris continued to wow with several messy variations of the chaotic and even wild bun. This season touts the more disheveled, the better.

Timeless Style

The messy bun has been in style for decades, and there are no indications of that changing.

Two decades later, it’s become a go-to- easy, fun, and stress-free hair look.

Want to give it a try?

In preparation for your messy top knot round-up following:

  • A coated rubber band
  • Bobby pins
  • Holding pomade or light styling cream
  • Hairspray
  • Brush

First, apply a light styling cream or about a dime-size amount of pomade and brush it through the crown of your hair.  Gather your hair into a ponytail at the crown, being mindful that as you get to the last loop of the rubber band, you’ll be keeping the ends of your hair out to tuck at the base of your ponytail.

Once my hair is secured in the ponytail, before the last rubber band loop, I use my free hand to wrap the hair around it. It makes the ball part larger and gives me more flexibility to form it.

Tuck And Pin

Now, grab a few bobby pins to tuck and pin the loose ends around the pony. Use your hairspray to hold the hair in place and give a final brushing to add extra hold around your edges.

Finally, with the bun neatly in place, funk it to your liking. Yes, strategically tousle up and fluff out parts of the bun to create your messy look.  Loosen the ball and fringe out the shorter hairs.

Allow your mood to dictate how messy to go.  For more polished edges, brush in a tad of pomade on your edges, and voila. 

Set your top knot with another shot of hairspray to give it a nice hold. And, just like that, you’re ready for makeup.

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