When Your Skin Isn’t Having It.

Listen work is hectic, my personal life is hectic, and keeping up with my travel schedule lately has been nuts. Oh and did I mention, working overtime to grow Courtney Racquel Jewelry and Dream Joy is a task for the faint at heart?  But apparently, my skin didn’t get the memo that I’m busy, booked, and pressed for time, or perhaps she just doesn’t give AF.

Anyhoo, today some uninvited guests just decided to appear on my face, and baby- I’m not here for it. Two (not one) perfectly round, red, and rather irritating pimples just popped themselves up on the right side of my nose.  Arghh! While I know that may not be a big deal for some, they annoy me, and here’s why.  My skin is rather normal but will get drier or oily in the t-zones at the change of seasons if I’m stressed or dehydrated.  However, I had a specialized facial about three days ago, and I believe at my core, that facial- as luscious as it was is the culprit. Because, well that’s just how my skin acts, yeah, she’s unruly and did I mention these hormone changes have gotten beside themself? Can you relate, gurl, I hope not, lol!

Pimples Be Gone

Granted these pimples aren’t anything a little concealer can cover up, they’re lifted, red, and bulky. So, what am I going to do? I’ve learned that the condition of your skin is a direct correlation to what’s happening inside. And for me, pimples represent one of two things. Either, I’ve enjoyed too many carbonated drinks, I’ve allowed stress to creep into my life, or I’ve gotten a facial that has irritated my dermis. Given I’m not on a Pepsi (praise to the heavens) kick right now, I know the culprit is stress.

During the final stage of relaunching my book, and traveling for family and work obligations, the heat was on. I’m talking about sleepless nights and relaxation-free days.  While I’m not playing, it tickles my heart how crazy a woman with a goal can become. So, while likely, the pimples didn’t just show up, I just noticed them today. #SadTruth  Luckily,  Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through “On-Purpose” Living has officially hit the Amazon Besst-Sellers List, and today’s focus is all about re-balancing myself!

Here’s the deal, in all our magic and well intentions, we sometimes forget that our beauty is the balance of what’s brewing inside: our energy, our health, and the essence of how we feel about ourselves. No question, our inside and outside health are inextricably linked. With our skin being our body’s largest organ, it becomes one of the biggest indicators of what’s happening with our insides. While our inner well-being isn’t always evident to those around us, the condition of our skin is and it has no obligation to keep secrets of our well-being or lack thereof.

“Everything comes from the inside and moves out.” – Courtney Racquel Rhodes

Talking Your Skin Off The Ledge.

With that, I started my morning off with a warm, relaxing, and intoxicating bath. I lit my favorite infused candle, added lavender and lime-infused bath salts, hit the relaxation soundtrack, and unapologetically lost track of time. Today I fully enjoyed the tranquility of what felt like hours of nothingness. I spent time reflecting on relaunching the book: the blood, the sweat, and the love I poured into it in hopes to help others make their marks in the world.  I thought about the last few weeks of nonstop work and leaving no time for self-care.

I rehashed on how I sometimes push my physical limits when I shouldn’t. I went through a myriad of emotions, the last being elation. I came to feel and embrace a sense of accomplishment and pride, and I allowed myself to let go in those moments. I wasn’t rushing to do anything, go anywhere, or talk to anyone. I just enjoyed being and feeling alive, grateful, and blessed.

Tonight,  I  gave my face more love with a great deep steam cleansing treatment infused with some rosewater. I used my grandma’s old method of using a teapot of boiling water with lavender,  rosemary, and honey inside, covered my head with a towel (don’t get too close), and inhaled the sweet steam.  I allowed my skin to air dry while used my jade roller to gently massage my temples and all over my face with an out and upward motion. Next, I spritzed my refreshed face with rosewater, added my Dermalogica Vitamin C Serum, and wrapped my treatment with a few daps of fractionated grapeseed oil.

Refreshed And Renewed

I knew the moment I massaged the last drop of oil – my mind and body were again aligned. So my little pimple bandits will be forced to return to the pits of hell in no time. No matter what goals you have, challenge yourself to put your well-being: your physical and mental health at the forefront of everything you do. We will only ever be as good for ourselves, our loved ones, our dreams and the world as our own inner well-being and self-care is always a work in progress.

Cheers to healthy and happy skin and doing whatever it takes to love on you!


Courtney Racquel Rhodes

aka The Brandista

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