Off The Shoulder Havana Ensemble

The Art of Two-Piece Ensembles

While warm weather breezed in late in Atlanta, it’s that time of the year summer-loving babes like myself,  relish in every moment of adventure outdoors the summer has to offer.  I live for warm weather patio lunch or dinner with friends, an evening at the museum, or anything romantic and hearing. Are you feel me?

As you ladies know, I’ve spent most of the spring traveling. Making moves, showing up for family, fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities, and being wayyy too grown and responsible. So now what?  It is time for me to enjoy these Atlanta streets, the most beautiful and nourishing gift mother nature has given us- the sun, and bask in the joy of life.

Blue Crabs For The Win

For the first time in a while, I’m basking in being in Atl for the second straight weekend after-city-hopping on the Make Your Mark: Personal Branding Through ‘On-Purpose’ Living book obligations, filming obligations (yah heard me- and I’ll share the scoop on that later), traveling for Courtney Racquel and most importantly for an amazingly and well-needed family time for my cousin Monica’s fabulous wedding. To only two weeks later, turn around to memorialize the most authentic woman I’ve known and loved, my Aunt Vermelle. Whose name I ironically have misspelled for as long as I’ve been alive, that ‘e’ on the end is important, but I somehow missed it, anyhoo.

But don’t feel too bad for me, during my travels both for celebration and sadness, being a true ‘Baltimorian’, visiting with friends and family,  I definitely ate my way through the happiness and tears by having my fair share of Maryland blue crabs. Y’all know I’m true to my roots and crabs are dear to my heart. Maryland blue crabs get me through the best of worst of days and I’m not too proud to beg or borrow and well…. not quite steal for them but close! Haha.


Simplicity At Its Best

Back to the subject at hand, I’m all about simplicity and I’ve been really trying to simplify my wardrobe. So here’s what  I’ve rediscovered, two-piece ensembles and suits are my jam. I love the functionality and flexibility of being able to wear matching pieces together, and just as seamlessly apart. While I’m trying to be in the moment, and lawd knows it’s a work in progress for me, while I’m prematurely dread having to say bye-bye to this beautiful long-awaited warm weather,  I can’t help but notice at the magazine stands at the airport, cover after cover was filled with beautiful images of the season’s incredible fall trends and two-piece ensemble. From high-gloss images of white ankle boots, an invasion of 90’s high-waisted jeans, and gorgeous two-piece ensemble jumpsuits, I’m inspired! Inspired to rock out my two-piece ensembles now.

Summer, Summer Time

With the summer around the corner, I guess it’s not too soon to get excited about rocking this revisited street style now. Instead of thinking about the spring trends that I’ve missed, I’ll jump on board early with next season’s trends and embrace them now. There’s no better time!

Every new season or chapter in life gives us another opportunity to not only reset our wardrobe with new and improved fashion styling ideas,  but to reflect over the year, on milestones accomplished, and the goals we’re actively working towards. Yup, we’ve got to stay on top of those goals, it’s the only way we’ll get where we want to be.


Creative Two-Piece Ensembles

Bringing it back to the moment, I’m grateful it’s 78 degrees and sunny in Atlanta today.   I pulled out a fun ShopTheBGuide exclusive two-piece ensemble, that’s a shop classic. I love this ensemble. She’s the perfect pink within the perfect cut with the perfect off-the-shoulder top. In a not-so-perfect world, the Off Shoulder Havana Ensemble is almost beautiful for its soft fabric as is for its off-the-season design.    I grabbed my fave,  Courtney Racquel , a pair of clear sandals, my basic avatar sunglasses that’s been measuring up for years, and of course, my go-to get-em attitude to hit these Atlanta streets in style and with class. What new summer fashion, street style or outfit inspiration are you rocking?

Outfit Details:

Jewelry Courtney Racquel 

Outfit ShopTheBGuide


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