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Change is off the charts, challenging the status quo of everything!

A lot of us have been more challenged to comfortably live our most authentic and best lives.

There are more question marks, than periods behind our convos, and change is the only thing consistent.

The Only Constant Is Change

Well into the big C pandemic and changes that rolled along with it, I yearn for a glimpse of life as I once knew it.

I’ve found immense pleasure in rediscovering my personal style.

Which sparks the question, “where did I lose it in the first place?”

Maybe I left it in one of the two house moves I’ve made in two years. Or was it the divorce? Could it have been my lack of desire to only do things I had to? Was it a combo of the three?

Regardless, I’m thankful for rediscovering myself, and a significant component of that has been embracing my personal style.

Diane von Furstenberg’s infamous quote, “Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it”, personally resonates with me on a whole new level.

The Great Reminder

Here’s what I’m reminded of: no matter what comes our way, it is our priority to find our next north.

Our mood and self-expression can play a big part in that process. Looking good goes a far way in helping us feel good, and that’s not going to change.

So if you feel like sh$t and look good, you’ll still feel better than feeling and looking like sh$t. TRUTH!

In reclaiming being true to my personal style, here are two noteworthy fashion hacks that’ll help you reset your fabulosity.

Double Down On Your Style Roots

How about a loose-fit boyfriend, a retro high-waisted bootcut, or do you prefer your denim with a raw hem?

Do you love a great oversized blouse, distressed denim shorts, and over-the-knee boots look as much as I do? (snag the look here!)

Are you a cotton, silk, or crepe kind of girl? Do you tuck or tie your button-down?

Do you prefer to rock a sassy trench coat or a cropped denim jacket?

Your favorite styles, cuts, and colors are the roots at the foundation of your style.

Those simple style details have proven themselves to you, your body type, and your vibe throughout the years.

As with most things, when you’re indecisive and go back to your roots, your ‘tried and trues’ can’t go wrong.

I made my first pair of overly distressed jeans in the 6th or 7th grade.

They’ve gotten a little fancier throughout the years.

These days, I affectionately refer to them as my boyfriends, but the love I carry in my soul for relaxed-style distressed jeans has only grown.

Identify Your Go-To’s

Trends come and go, but there are a few staple pieces that are classic go-to’s in your closet.

The perfect pair of jeans, a fabulous button-down, a tailored dress, maybe a great tee.

What are your fave staple pieces?

When in doubt, start there.

Play them up with an iconic scarf, bold arm candy, or conversation-worthy shoes.

Need an extra pick me up, pile on all three – and top the look off with your absolute best and brightest lipstick.

And, just like that – you’ll feel inspired by your own style!

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