Good Ole Plaid

I’ve neglected my love affair for a classic plaid for way too long. I can’t quite pinpoint when I first realized how to wear plaid. Or, that I had a thing for a classic squared print, but I do. Perhaps it’s my neglect for the more straightforward but traditional square edition through the years that’s reignited a steamy love affair. I’m talking passionate, one that grows gushier season after season.

And trust me, I get it. For my catholic school girls that rocked the cute (or, not so) plaid skirts, I feel you. Too much of anything kills the mood. For your girl, on the other hand, that was far from the case. While my fondness for the vibrant pattern was born early on, it just happened.

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

The year was 79′ or 80′ it was a wild and free day in Kingstree, SC and my aunt Veronica hosted a Davis family barbeque. Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough was that summer’s anthem and your girl lived to eat barbeque chicken, toss salad and collard greens at our get-togethers.

That day was no different from most summer gathers, I ate until my tummy ache and danced until my feet hurt. Wearing one of my four or five-year-old faves, I was rocking a pair of cut off denim jeans transformed into shorts that hit right above my knee. A white tank top and the sweetest midnight blue, white and a red plaid western button-down. The button-down was slightly tailored, with long sleeves my aunt Pat had rolled to elbow length.

In my best recollection, the button-down was a decent cotton blend. One that gave the fabric the perfect touch of pop collar stiffness. It was that summer day, with Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough in the backdrop that I have my first memory of feeling stylish and loving the sentiment — armored in frayed denim shorts, a white tank, and a classic plaid button-down.

Plaid For The Comeback

From those early fashion memories until two years ago, I’d moved on from my plaid fling. I’m not sure if I was a thing of not knowing how to wear plaid to make it feel like my own, or if I’d overlook my favorite and newest style staple. Plaid has made a comeback in my life. A well welcomed and stylish one that I can’t get enough of.

I’m still a girl who loves a classic plaid. I go hard for clothes in an array of fabrics from summer linen or cotton, to a winter tweed or heavy wool. So if you’ve been reluctant to try out some of the fabulous plaid prints, erase the idea of schoolgirl or lumberjack. Plaid’s comeback is here to stay, and I’m happy to be apart of the mix.

And here’s the thing. There are plaids in every cut and design. Just a few days ago, I walked into a client meeting rocking one of my latest plaid style staples by one of my faves, self-portrait that I scooped at Nordstrom. I threw on a honey-colored leather cuff I made, and a pair of open toe heels and my head and confidence were high.

When To Best Rock Plaid?

From tartan to plaid or even a buffalo check, there are plenty of options on how to wear plaid. The goal is to have fun. Experiment with different fabrics, cuts and the plaid pattern itself. I’m most drawn to neutral color combinations and tend to stick with creams, browns, rust, or blue and reds.

Find your fabric, find your color combination and relish in rocking your plaid fix year-round.

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