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Camel Eyelet Bodysuit
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Layered gold statement necklace
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“When getting dressed, start with signature staple pieces then build your look with accessories.” – Courtney Rhodes for TheBGuide

Like fine wine, a carefully curated wardrobe collection or classic cars, your style is can seemlessly evolve through the ages. Whether you claim stake to a style that is flirty, funky and fun; soft and feminine; sexy with edge or classic and polished, it represents who you are beyond clothes. Your personal style is conveying who you are.

The beauty of style is magnified most when it’s fun and fluid. Allow your style to grow with you, the more fearless you become the more fearless your style should become. Empower it! Allow it to change with your moods and capture where you’re at and how you’re feeling. I get it, you’re thinking if only I had the time.

Looking good instantly elevates your mood. You hold your head a bit higher, brighten your lipstick a hue or two and feel damn good. So beyond the style cred, the power of looking and feeling your best is an indication that you’re really taking time to love up on you.

Confidence is effectious, you can feel it. Right? It feels ahh-mazzing and smells promising! AYEEE, so here’s the thing, being stylish doesn’t need to a chore. When you discover signature staple pieces you love, build your seasonal wardrobe around those and VOILA!  Just like that, you’re doubling down on loking your best and feeling fab! Season after season,  then rinse and repeat.

Have Fun With Signature Staple Pieces

Once you stumble across that perfect LBD that’s not black, the go-to statement necklace and a neutral eyelet bodysuit,  officially kick the narrative of “not having anything to rock” to the curb.  Embrace the concept of seasonal staples. You can’t go wrong when you carefully build your wardrobe around streamlined pieces that flatter that you adore.

Opting to add a few signature staple pieces will instantly level up your day-to-day as well as day-to-night styling options.

The three pieces I’ve selected above from The Shop are ideal for a fabulous for evening to night styling. They are perfect for getting dressed for a dinner date (you’ll stunt in the teal bodyCon dress), a night at the theatre, or any fabulous events that come up in between!


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