As amazing and absolutely necessary it is to have a few perfect little black dresses on deck, it’s just as important to have at least one conversation-worthy white one. And – do I have the perfect one for just about any occasion? I do!

Imagine not just having an all-white go-to get-up that oozes femininity and channels your earth angel vibes but that is disrespectfully functional.

Few wardrobe pieces excite me more than a bada$s piece that gives a girl a lot of versatility and the Signature Lace Ensemble does just that. She’s all white. She’s dainty. She’s ultra-stylish. She’s summer’s greatest essential and affordable.

Yes, she’s all that! Why? Because not only will she demand compliments and conversations from your trendiest of friends, she’s multitalented and oh-so savvy. How? The Signature Lace Ensemble can be worn as one piece or you can rock the blouse and skirt separately.

Snag The Eyelet Ensemble

The All White Ensemble Headed South

While visiting the home recently, I had the pleasure of wearing her to a mid-evening rooftop brunch at the Dewberry Charleston and sold two of them before ever getting them up in the store. I must admit, the details are beyond beautiful and eyelet is style candy for the soul.

I’m planning on wearing the blouse with my Modern Vintage Jeans and a pair of colored sandals in the next week or so. I’ll be sure to share the look. Plus, I’ve been thinking of wearing the skirt with my white cotton bodysuit with either a canary yellow or sunset orange scarf, either way, it’s sure to pop!

Head To The Boutique To Grab Yours Here.

How would you style the blouse and the skirt separately? Or, would you always rock them together?

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