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How I Rocked New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week





My love for the grandeur fashion city that never sleeps has only grown deeper from my first trip as a curious teenager through my latest as an even more inquisitive 44-year-old. While my work takes me all around the country, there’s no other city that gets my creative juices flowing quite like the Big Apple,  especially during New York Fashion Week. How lucky I felt at the opportunity to flock to the Big Apple and witness the creative energy of the most talented fashion teams come to life. The enchantment of dreams realized, dreams being tweaked and dreams celebrated is at a minimum, seductive.  Not sure why dreams feel more grandiose and lively, while magic seems like the norm in New York, but it does. With each visit there’s more to see, do and learn; New York Fashion Week will forever inspire, excite and enchant this brandista.

Granted the opportunity to partner with the Fashion Institute of Technology as a brand ambassador, traveling to The Big Apple during New York Fashion Week and making The Standard-High Line home for three days- was at a minimum, flattering. From confirming the details of the anticipated New York Fashion Week trip on the 7th- to arriving at JFK International Airport on the 13th-bright-eyed and bushy-tailed lots of fashion planning went down. By far, my most important decision to ponder became- what fashions to pack? As a fashion entrepreneur +brand ambassador, what does one possibly wear to effectively represent the title? While being an entrepreneur is in my DNA, being referred to as a fashion entrepreneur is quite new, and certainly brought about a little fashion anxiety.  Gracious as ever for the opportunities that bless my life, there are some that I’m still fashionably relaxing into.  LOL! What does one wear in New York during New York Fashion Week, for manufacturer meetings, a tour of The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and of course- Valentine’s Day dinner with my hubby? So many decisions, such limited time, but soo much fashion clout on the line.

Embracing a few fashion trends of the much-anticipated showings, I went with the sometimes runway trendy, but always real life timeless- monochromatic theme. To fit my fashion schematic, I opted for an all ivory ensemble. Y’all already know, I’m all for my monochromatic neutrals, so to add a spice of life to the fit, I leaned on a pair of straight leg ivory trousers with floral bands running along the seams that earned their way into my wardrobe last season. I paired the beauties with a turtleneck sweater (shop a similar cut) adorning a chunky cable knit embellishment that falls from the shoulders through the bodice. Florals continue to rock the runways, and I’m for embracing their feminine feel. I grabbed an old-time fave, Christian Louboutin’s in nude patent leather with classic pearl stud earrings.  Feeling New York Fashion Week ready, I headed to The Museum at FIT located at the edge of the hustle and bustle of New York’s Garment District, where fabric and clothing manufacturers would find their way from warehouse to factory floor. The Museum at FIT is astonishing and a must-do for students and all lovers of fashion.  The creative, boundary-thrusting fashion exhibitions were beyond fabulous and inspiring, allowing a chance to become close and personal with stunning pieces by Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, and John Galliano. Day two in New York was a huge success, and I’m looking forward to sharing all the new opportunities this partnership will birth! Cheers to new opportunities and the forever process of dream chasing and catching!


Shop My Look:

Ivory Turtleneck Sweater- Moon River Turtleneck at Nordstrom

Ivory Trousers- Max Mara Ivory Trousers at Nordstrom

Nude Christain Louboutin- Strappy Half D’Orsay Pum at Nordstrom

Pearl Earrings- Poppy Finch Pearl Stud Earrings

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